Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends, Family, and Long Lost Relatives

            Whether you’ve you known the soon-to-be wedded couple for a lifetime or a few years, it can be challenging to find a gift that stands out among the blenders and mounds of shiny new cutlery. Personalized gifts can transform everyday items into precious keepsakes to decorate their new home and delight their newly joined hearts.

            If you still can’t decide what to get the happy couple to celebrate their commitment to matrimony, take a look at this list of personalized wedding gift ideas:


Personalized Serving Tray

Help the love birds begin entertaining in style in their new home. Serving coffee and biscotti to sudden guests, arranging an intricate cheese and cracker platter, even breakfast in bed is the perfect time to break out this darling custom tray. Choose an elegant design or picture perfect moment accompanied by your desired text to create a gift that will bring joy to the newlyweds’ hearts and new home.


Crystal Photo Display

After the wedding they’ll have millions of photos to display around the house, but this crystal photo display will continue to take their breath away long after the honeymoon is over. Choose a photo of the gorgeous couple and custom text to create a truly unique gift. Whether it’s displayed at home or in an office, this elegant crystal photo frame will always remind them of the love they shared with friends and family on that special day.


Watercolor Painting

A gorgeous photograph from that special day reimagined in watercolor. Transform an already stunning moment into an elegant, heartfelt keepsake by creating a digital watercolor wall art print. Surprise the new married couple with a sweet, unique art centerpiece to adorn their new home.


Love Song Pillow

Perhaps the lovebirds have enough photos of their wedding day floating around, but you’d still like to surprise with a sweet gift that will remind them of that special day. Print the lyrics to their wedding song or their favorite poem on this plush, elegant Love Song Pillow. Neutral colors will blend in perfectly with their new home decor. Keep this beautiful couple singing their love song every time they lay down beside this personalized pillow.


Stand out amongst the blenders, glass tumblers, and cheese platters. Personalized gifts allow you to create keepsakes that are truly perfect for the couple that receives them. These little reminders of true love woven into every day can make all the difference.

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