Wooden Frame Tabletop 20x25cm

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The photographs that capture the beautiful laughs, adventures, and love that make up your life shouldn’t hide away in pile of old photos or a scrapbook. Display your favorite memories with this unique wooden photo print. Simply upload a crisp image and your desired text. We’ll handle everything else and provide you with a sample of your custom order before it is manufactured.

            This unique wood photo display is available in three sizes and sits on your table top for everyone to see. Turn your favorite memories into a unique art piece. This wooden tabletop frame is the perfect gift to commemorate any occasion. Treat your loved one to a favorite shared memory printed on this beautiful, high quality wood frame.



  • Materials: Wood
  • Sizes Available: 20cm x 25cm
  • Special Notes: We do not accept small or blurry photos. We cannot provide a high quality print from these.


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